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Easter Holidays

Went to horsham for the Easter break, good to relax.
Dad had picked up a cool little remote controlled helicopter from the home show.
Never been so addicted to such a little toy . You can check out some of the other products they have from this web site

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The low down on the NZ trip

Well, now that I have a bit of spare time (too much in fact, bored out of my mind) I thought i’d give the low down on the trip to NZ.
Our trip started on the North Island at Palmerston North where we caught up with relatives, which was great. Stayed there for 3 days. During that time we checked out the Te Apiti wind farm and Owlcatraz, an animal sanctuary about an hour out of Palmerston. Before long it was off to the South Island for me and Lizzy.  First thing we experienced of the South Island was the amazing view from the ferry. Everything was straight out of a postcard, and that was just the beginning.
We picked up the hire car and it was straight to Blenheim to stay for the night, before heading off on an 8 hour journey to Fox Glacier the next day.  On our way to Fox Glacier we stopped to check out the blow-holes at pancake rocks on the west coast of the South Island.
The next day was the Fox Glacier walk, such an amazing experience to walk on top of one of the biggest Ice Glaciers so close to sea level. Got some spectacular photos of it too.
The next day we drove to Queenstown for some action and adventure. We went on the Shotover Jet boat rides, which travel at 80km/h through tight canyons, all the while doing 360 spins every now and then for good measure. The wind was bloody freezing but all in all a great day. Then we spent a couple of days snowboarding, loads of fun but we really hurt afterwards.
Regrettably we spent the last two days of our trip in Dunedin, had a bad experience with the Hotel changing their name from Bentley’s to the Saville without notifying us, drove past the thing three times before going in and asking what was going on, got a fairly rude reply. Generally not that thrilled with the town itself.  Lanark Castle however was amazing, an immaculate restoration, a real credit to those who restored it.


Back to the Grindstone

Well we’re back from NZ and man what a trip, without a doubt the best holiday I think I’ve ever been on. Never felt so relaxed, seen so much and had so much fun. Pity I had to work today, don’t think I was quite ready for it.

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New Zealand here I come

Leave for New Zealand to visit relatives and tour the South Island on the 5th of Aug, can’t wait.
Here’s the Itinerary
  • 3 days in Palmerston North
  • Then down to Wellington, across the ferry to stay in Blenheim
  • Down to Fox Glacier to do the Glacier walk!
  • Over to Queenstown for skiing, fun and adventure
  • Over to Dunedin to see the Castles, and (of course Lizzy’s fav… The Cadbury’s chocolate factory )

Back on the 19th of Aug… A whirlwind but should be great.

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The Flat Tyre Saga – Part II

Not too long ago, I had issues with a flat tyre. Not long after that, I got my car serviced, and my front-tyre fixed properly, only to discover that my tread was wearing low and that I need to get them replaced anyway…

What can you do?

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The Flat Tyre Saga

A couple of months ago I noticed my car had caught a small nail in the front left tyre. I didn’t do anything about it, as the tyre kept it’s pressure fine… That is until a week ago when the car started to shudder a little when going over bumps, a check of the pressure showed that the tyre was slowly losing pressure to a certain point. So today I get it fixed at a certain tyre store, Hour and a Half and $15 later and the tyre is repaired. 

I get home fine and the tyre’s working great, until I leave tonight to go play squash and the tyre is now COMPLETELY FLAT! So we take my friends car, and change it over… what a waste of a perfectly good Sunday.

What did I learn from this?
A) If it ain’t broke don’t fix it
B) If it’s a little broke and it’s 50:50 as to whether to repair or replace… always replace