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Getting Silverlight 3 Service References to work in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

I just downloaded and installed Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and decided to roll over a large Silverlight project I was working on to see how things would go.

Here are a few gotcha’s I encountered:

  1. Server side Unit Tests  were working with Membership providers but I was getting an error saying that these have been forwarded to System.Web.ApplicationServices.  What I didn’t realise is that for all the marketing guff around multi-targeting, your out of luck if you actually have unit tests in .NET 3.5, because unit tests have to be upgraded to .NET 4.  Thankfully it seems this can be easily worked around by leaving all the projects except the Unit Tests in .NET 3.5 and adding a reference to System.Web.ApplicationServices for the unit test project.
  2. Silverlight 3’s Service References were completely broken by Visual Studio in the upgrade process, so much so that I was getting errors and warnings about the service references. I think this might have had a little to do with the custom service host I had developed, but the only way I could fix it was to completely delete the Service References and then add them again, unfortunately for some reason I couldn’t use Visual Studio to delete some of the Service References. Click Delete –> nothing happens, the only way I could do it was to do this:
    1. Manually delete the service reference folder in Explorer.
    2. Go to Visual Studio and exclude all the files under the service reference folder:
    3. Then delete the empty folder from Visual Studio.
    4. I was then free to add the Service Reference again to my Silverlight project via the Add Service Reference dialog and everything was fine.

Hope this helps someone else!


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