Has Google lost their point of difference?

Google used to be the one place I went to search for everything. It used to be that Google was the non-commercial company that had a search engine that wasn’t tuned to shopping, seems it is not so these days: I searched for details on a laptop I was considering buying… I know where I buy my laptops, what I wanted was spec’s



Gives me a list of every site on the internet I can buy the Lenovo. Do you think perhaps the manufacturers web site is on the first page? Nope (And no I don’t even consider the sponsored link to the manufacturer as a part of my search results).

Live Search


Yes more shopping for laptops… but at least they had the manufacturers web site as the first link on the list as well as the forum for that laptop model, admittedly at the bottom, but at least it’s not on Page 7 like Google, after 70 links of shopping websites.

Yahoo Search


Yep Yahoo also get’s the point and lists the manufacturers web site on the first page (not the first link but still better than Google).

Yes, I know this is only one example and I am not saying Live Search is any less commercially focused (possibly even more so than Google). But I think it shows that Google doesn’t necessarily deserve to be the centre of the internet universe that everyone perceives it to be. I would suggest that all search engines drop the advertisement links down the chain unless I search for “Shop for a Lenovo 8932A45” or at least give that as a separate option (one link to shopping for a Lenovo, not 70).

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