The Car Design Influence Experiment

I love cars, specifically fast cars, but it always intrigues me what people think is a good car design. The following is a summary of my observations about the influences that I think car designers have used in producing their distinctive car shapes.

Car Design Seemingly Influenced By
Porsche’s Carrera, for the last 40 years or so…
…has been inspired by the shapely outline of Toads and their aerodynamic efficiency.
Land Rover redefines the sleek and practical styling’s…
…of boxes.
BMW’s 5-series stands out as…
…well, you get the idea.
Mazda’s new MX-5, sporty…
…and so very Japanese looking (give me the old design).
Honda’s Type-R delivers revolutionary power…
…ranger style headlights.

I know, I know… some of those comparisons are uncanny… Almost plagiaristic, but I guess that’s the fine line the car designer’s tread. They could almost be forgiven for thinking they got away with it, without anyone ever noticing… but don’t worry, I’m onto their tricks…


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