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Community Project Idea – SchemaWiki

Not sure if this idea has been floated before, but here goes…

One of the biggest issues I see with the software industry moving forward, is the ability for everyone to agree upon interchangeable data schemas that everyone can both share, and agree upon in their applications. Funnily enough I imagine the the latter is the most difficult part of this problem space.  But while failing to get to sleep in the hottest night on record in Melbourne, I came up with an idea based around Wiki’s. Wiki’s essentially allow communities to collaboratively work on a document. Why hasn’t anyone designed a wiki application that is specifically tailored to creating data schemas (maybe even specifically Xml schemas)?

This would probably use some kind of specialised database schema in the backend for could revolutionise the software industry and make this Web 2.0 thing that everyone’s been harping on about a reality.
creation, but essentially this SchemaWiki web site could provide automatic namespace versioning, and automatic referencing to other schema types just like links in a Wiki.  At any time a person browsing the site can click a link and download the Xsd/ JSON or whatever version of the schema they like. Because the schemas are versioned, and their history tracked by the wiki, schemas are never lost and there becomes a first-point-of-entry before rolling your own contact details schema, or purchase order schema etc.

I understand this may have quite a few technical and social hurdles to overcome, but it really
What does everyone think?


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