All Browsers Suck

Microsoft should soon be releasing the next version of their Internet Explorer browser version 7.0. Microsoft has received a lot of criticism over the dominant browser, having left it high and dry for 3 years without a significant feature added. Many people claim the Mozilla Firefox browser to be a superior browser, but there is one thing everyone is forgetting.  All browsers suck, I don’t care if it’s Mac’s Safari, Opera, IE 6.0, IE 7.0 or the latest code named "dog hound" (or whatever it is) release of Firefox.  They all have one major fundamental flaw that is yet to be rectified and if many geeks stuck in their ways got their way would never change. It’s called Html… and it blows the big one… It was never designed to do what its doing now, we web developers spend our lives retro fitting Spoilers, Turbos, Performance Exhausts and pretty pin lights to what amounts to essentially an old Model T Ford!  I’m sick of the internet, the bugs, the misconception of what a <table> tag was originally intended for.. we need an escape from the html hell. Here’s hoping Xaml and WPF-Everywhere holds the answer… because if someone doesn’t dictate how a technology should work, it’ll end up not working at all (just like "cross-browser" javascript and css).
  1. #1 by Unknown on January 15, 2006 - 3:10 pm

    My god, I wish I understood half of what you are saying. Hmm, each time I read this it appears to make more sense. All I can say is that I\’m glad I don\’t have to rely on such an UNreliable tool.GUESS WHAT!!! It\’s not like me to dramatize like this but…I CAME CLOSE TO DYING. Myself and three other friends were on our way to Camperdown to visit another friend. We started our journey at 3:30 am and at some point into the trip WE HIT A KANGAROO. We were lucky the windscreen didn\’t smash but my friend\’s car dinted like cardboard, the pop-up light won\’t sit down and his side mirror was wiped clean off. $1500 worth of damage!! Stupid kangaroos. I was freaking out something shocking for the rest of the trip. Paranoia was at a frenzied maximum. I was seeing them everywhere. Anyway I trust that you won\’t tell mum or dad. They don\’t even know I went to Camperdown and I can\’t tell them about the kangaroo because they\’ll give me the whole, "WHAT IF YOU HAD DIED OR GONE TO HOSPITAL, WE WOULDN\’T KNOW WHERE YOU WERE" and all that yada. Of course I\’ll tell them one day. I\’ve learnt my lesson, but. The funny thing is that this all occurred on the dreaded FRIDAY 13 and also Anthony\’s birthday…not good!Well, glad I\’m still here…ALIVE.Have fun with Html and what not 🙂

  2. #2 by Delusional King on January 17, 2006 - 8:54 am

    cool flat i would have to say i agree as i don\’t even under stand HTML it confuses the shit out of me 🙂

  3. #3 by Aaron on January 1, 2007 - 2:40 pm

    Amen, Chiz, Amen. XML was going to be a solution until we discovered we\’d have to write separate XSL for each browser.  Stupid browsers.

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