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All Browsers Suck

Microsoft should soon be releasing the next version of their Internet Explorer browser version 7.0. Microsoft has received a lot of criticism over the dominant browser, having left it high and dry for 3 years without a significant feature added. Many people claim the Mozilla Firefox browser to be a superior browser, but there is one thing everyone is forgetting.  All browsers suck, I don’t care if it’s Mac’s Safari, Opera, IE 6.0, IE 7.0 or the latest code named "dog hound" (or whatever it is) release of Firefox.  They all have one major fundamental flaw that is yet to be rectified and if many geeks stuck in their ways got their way would never change. It’s called Html… and it blows the big one… It was never designed to do what its doing now, we web developers spend our lives retro fitting Spoilers, Turbos, Performance Exhausts and pretty pin lights to what amounts to essentially an old Model T Ford!  I’m sick of the internet, the bugs, the misconception of what a <table> tag was originally intended for.. we need an escape from the html hell. Here’s hoping Xaml and WPF-Everywhere holds the answer… because if someone doesn’t dictate how a technology should work, it’ll end up not working at all (just like "cross-browser" javascript and css).


The Dreaded Colour Scheme Selection

Well it’s come time to select what colour we want the walls of our new house to be. And as is to be expected, we disagree as to the direction it should go, Lizzy wants beiges and I want blue-grey slate colours. Whatever the colour we choose we both agree it should be a light colour. After much deliberation the boring old cream has won out, perhaps it’s compromise but at least it’s not green or peach. Only time will tell whether the scheme we’ve picked will work out in the end.

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