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DLL Hell (Continued)

Ok, I think i’ve got it figured out, see I couldn’t remove the Microsoft "Avalon" CTP because It required specifically .NET Framework 2.0.46007 to uninstall.  And I had a new version, so after many attempts to find the original version that was used to install "Avalon" CTP and after re-installing and uninstalling:

  • .NET Framework Beta 2 v2.0.6xxxx and v2.0.5xxxxx etc.
  • SQL Server Setup Support Files
  • SQL Native Client
  • Microsoft J# Virtual Machine
  • Microsoft Device Emulator
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2
  • MSDN Library

And still having no luck, I was having problems installing anything because My windows Installer 3.1 V2 was crashing when anything would attempt to install (but luck not when uninstalling or i’d have been screwed), so after uninstalling the Patch for Windows 2003’s Windows Installer 3.0 I was able to re-install the .NET Framework 2.0.40067 and then the November "Avalon" CTP, and then uninstall the Avalon CTP and then the .NET Framework 2.0.40067.


So now I have a clean machine, I should be able to install the June SQL Server 2005.. of course this will all start again once the next version of something that depends on .NET 2.0 comes out….



“Reduce DLL Hell” My ARSE!!!

One of the .NET Frameworks claim to fame is to reduce and almost completely eradicate DLL Hell… HOWEVER! Every single Beta and CTP that depends on the .NET Framework 2.0 has had it’s own version of the .NET Framework and only allows installation after all other versions have been removed… WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SIDE-BY-SIDE EXECUTION FOR F**KS SAKE!??

Let’s see there was:

  • Longhorn CTP,
  • Visual Studio 2005 CTP 1
  • SQL Server 2005 Express
  • Visual C# Express Edition
  • Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2
  • And last but not least… SQL Server 2005 CTP

All complaining consistently that they are f**king with each others installations because of the illustrious. I actually killed my Longhorn release after trying to install VS 2005 CTP on it… Explorer’s Start Bar wouldn’t even come up due to the incompatibility.

Please kill me…

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Audi Service Centres

I was quite interested to receive a letter from the Audi Service Centre, asking if I would fill out a survey on their performance.  They had phoned me not long after also wanting feedback.

According to the letter they are on a mission to become the best in the service industry, and from my experience they might just do it, I unfortunately had very little to comment on, their service was first rate (but then again you’d hope so for the prices you pay for everything) Funnily enough the labour was relatively cheap, but the parts for an Audi are murder on your hip pocket… Anyone wanna buy some used floor mats? Two new ones for the front cost me $100 smackers.

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The illustrious SyncStack

If you’ve ever worked with a Stack in .NET and needed it to be thread safe, you’ll be interested to note the way that it appears to have been implemented by MS.  An object of type Stack has a function called Synchronised() which returns another Stack typed object, but underneath the covers is actually returning a completely internal type called a SyncStack which has the original Stack as a property of it. The stupid thing is, this SyncStack also inherits from Stack so essentially calling Synchronised gets a wrapper stack (assumedly with it’s own store) and an internal stack (which was the one you wanted synchronised).  What perplexes me is why they didn’t just make SyncStack publicly available? I can’t create my own fresh Synced Stack I have to make a non-synchronised version of it first.

Can anyone explain this to me please???

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